Friday, November 23, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

So I know someone who finally got a job she doesn't want to get Dooced from, and it is
She is learning a lot. Most days it's stuff that renders her speechless or sputtering. That used to be almost impossible. You wouldn't believe it if she could tell you, but let me just say it's not that unusual for grownups to want to have a job where they do little besides keep up with their social media and get money. We are talking about jobs that specifically prohibit the use of social media. So being the fearless leader of a troop that apparently contains Galapagos tortoises addicted to iPads definitely has its challenges.
On the bright side, there is no way anyone can sit in her office any more and fart without her getting to throw them out. So yay. Also having to suffer through a roommate burping, yelling at people on the phone, heating up unbearably stinky frozen dinners in the microwave by her head and taking up 75% of a closet-sized space are things of the past.
I honestly think that after some growing pains she will like it a lot. It's based on what she always enjoyed the most at bedside. Meanwhile, growing pains are why they invented Aleve. This Thanksgiving season she is very thankful for her great new boss who she feels will support her through it all.

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